Ao Midori Biocontrol , from the Japanese "blue and green", is a Spanish capital company, committed with the environment caring in general and the sustainable agriculture in particular.

Our Company is involved in the search for new solutions and new concepts in ecological farming and integrated pest management, prioritizing those based on the use of low toxicity products for the environment. 

The main challenge facing agriculture is to obtain high quality products, protecting the consumer's, producer's and environment's health, carrying out the correct management of natural resources in accordance with the techniques that consider the maximum of technical and scientific knowledge.

One of the main points where the work is needed is in the pest management which affects the quality of the agriculture products. The use of chemical products is becoming ever more regulated and controlled, and the presence of residues is a great concern in a market that is increasingly demanding in food safety issues.

The pest management with attractants, pheromones and natural products is necessary to achieve these objectives. Ao Midori Biocontrol works and investigates the scientific advances in this field, diffuses its advantages and uses, and wants to collaborate in achieving a sustainable agriculture through an effective pest management. 

 Ao Midori Biocontrol designs, manufactures and distributes attractants and pheromones for its use in integrated pest management. It has an organic synthesis laboratory, chromatography and equipment for the preparation of own products and R & D activities. The values that want to be highlighted in its products are reliability and efficacy, based on scientific rigour and accurate information, and choosing in each case the solutions that are believed to be the most appropriate in its action field.


AoMidori Biocontrol intends to become a benchmark the development of pheromones and attractants and its applications in pest control, using the best progresses in every moment from a scientific viewpoint and disseminating these progresses to users by proximity and orientation, with a clear service vocation.


The company vision is summarized in the commitment to sustainability and innovative spirit in relation to the agricultural and related practices.



Lema Ao Midori