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Diptera mass-trapping trap (foldable)

Suitable for monitoring and control by mass trapping of Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), Olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae),  European cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis cerasi) and other dipetera. Suitable to be used with dry attractants.

  • Foldable trap easy to assemble and really economic.
  • Such as effective as the MAXITRAP® fly catcher.
  • It has four side entries defining the funnel so they avoid the exit of the flies 
  • Manufactured in yellow plastic and transparent cover, the cover is appropriate to be treated with authorized insects in accordance with current legislation.
  • Manufactured by PROBODELT S.L. Made in Spain.
  • To be used with dry attractants, place the attractant pouch in the inside.
  • Add an insecticide tablet (DDVP) to prevent flies from escaping. Failing this, treat the cover with an authorized insecticide in accordance with the current legislation.
  • Place the traps in a medium height of the tree, in the east or south face and distribute them uniformly through the parcel.
Traps density:
  • Depending on the pest that has to be monitored and/or controlled and the crop type. 
  • As a general rule a density of 50-80 Traps/Ha is appropriate for most trap programs.
  • Consult the related Pest Sheet.

  • TCOPBD1056   CONETRAP® fly catcher
  • TCOPBD1057   CONETRAP® fly catcher with insecticide cover.
Related documentation:

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These indications are a general guide, and aim to provide the user a starting point for the implementation of his monitoring and/or mass trapping programs. The conditions and local practices can develop the need of programs' personalization.