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Aggregation pheromones for pest control

Rhynchophorus ferrugineus pheromone


Red palm weevil


 Product presentation

feromona rhynchoKairomona Rynchoforus

  • Aggregation pheromone content: 800 mg.
  • Permeable membrane dispenser type.
  • Diffusion speed 4-5 mg/day at 25ºC (3-10 mg/day depending on the meteorological conditions)
  • Duration: 90-120 days, according to the environmental conditions.
  • Packed in aluminium-PE pouches.
  • Conservation: in fridge, 2 years.

The dispensers must be put inside the BUCKET BASIC TRAP or others pit-fall traps.

Use a pheromone dispenser per trap. If you wish, add also an specific kairomone diffuser for Rhynchophorus sp., which increases the attractant capability of the device and helps orientating the weevil. Put it in the enabled hunger, inside the trap.

Inside the trap you will put water with some attractant, as date pieces, young palm tissues, apple, sugar cane, etc. so it ferments. Add an authorized insecticide tablet (DDVP), or alternatively, some soap to the water. 

The monitoring programs and the mass trapping management ones must be active all year, especially in the hottest months and harvesting seasons.

  • Use 1-3 traps/Ha every 3-4 Ha.
  • Put the traps in shaded places, avoiding direct contact with the sun.
  • Revise the traps once a week, removing the captured insects after its management and replace the water and attractants if necessary. 
Mass trapping:

Mass trapping is carried out to reduce the pest pressure and to control the population levels. In mass trapping the quantity of traps to use depends on the palm groves density and the infestation level.

  • Use a trap density of 4-10/Ha. As a general rule the traps must be put in separated squares at 50 metres of distance approximately. 
  • When the palm trees are aligned, as avenues, put a trap every 50 m. 
  • Supervise the traps regularly, reinforce those places where the captures are more elevated and replace the diffusers when necessary. Add water and attractant as convenient.
  • Important → to prevent a possible infestation of the models nearest the traps is advisable to carry out a preventive treatment over the leaves, trunk and brunch with an authorized insecticide in accordance with current legislation.
  • This product IS NOT AN INSECTICIDE. If you suspect you can have affected models contact a professional for its treatment.
  • RHYFE-8000PB05 Pouches 5 units. / Boxes of 200 units.
  • RHYFE-8000PB25 Pouches 25 units. / Boxes of 200 units.
  • PACKRHFE01       Pouches 1 unit. Pheromone + 1 Kairomone unit / Boxes of 200 units.

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These indications are a general guide, and aim to provide the user a starting point for the implementation of his monitoring and/or mass trapping programs. The conditions and local practices can develop the need of programs' personalization.


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