Sexual pheromones for monitoring

Lobesia botrana pheromone

European grapevine moth

Sexual pheromone for flight monitoring and mass trapping

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Ref: LOBO-0012BB

  • Sexual type pheromone.
  • A septum dispenser (Bromobutyl).
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks, depending on the environmental conditions.
  • Packed in aluminium-PE pouches
  • Conservation: in freezer, 2 years.

  • Put 1 specific pheromone capsule per trap  
  • Traps density: 1-2 traps/parcel. In bigger crops than 3-4, put 1 trap/Ha. Preferably we will put one in the centre and the other one in the borders to determinate if the pest is already in the crop or define the entry points.
  • Put the traps in the early spring. Put them in the crop height, in the stump, its cane or support. Important → The Delta traps must be installed with the overture facing the main regional winds.
  • Control the traps once a week. Remove the captured insects. In Delta traps, replace the gummed based when it loses its adhesive capability due to an elevated capture number or dust and dirt accumulated.
Mass trapping:

They reduce the pest pressure and they can be used as a suplement for other management methods.

  • Use FUNNEL TRAP. It is advisable to put an insecticide tablet (DDVP) inside every trap.
  • Put 10-20 traps per hectarea, evenly distributed inside the parcel and in its borders. Reinforce the points with more captures.
  • When the captures level is really high you can carry out reinforced treatments with authorized fythosanitary products in accordance with current legislation, always in a rational way.

  •  Pouches 1 unit. / Boxes of 250 pouches.

 Other presentations available under request

These indications are a general guide, and aim to provide the user a starting point for the implementation of his monitoring and/or mass trapping programs. The conditions and local practices can develop the need of programs' personalization.




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