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Mass trapping trap of various diptera genuses, as Drosophila, Ceratitis, Bactrocera, Anastrepha, etc.

Suitable for liquid and dry attractants. The reference trap for Drosophila suzukii, NOVELTY!

  • New trap for Mediterranean fruit flies with which you get a high level of captures and great selectivity.
  • Manufactured in yellow plastic and transparent cover, it can be used in several seasons.
  • Rounded shape and equipped with side tubes, of different sizes depending on the insect to be controlled.
  • Included hanger
  • Manufactured by PROBODELT S.L. Made in Spain.
  • With liquid attractants, refill the trap according to the program to apply, for monitoring the loading capability is of 320 cc (maximum liquid capability that can be poured to another container without spilling the liquid through the side pipes), for mass capture 650 cc (maximum liquid capability until the lower level of the tray windows).  
  • For Drosophila suzukii monitoring and management it is recommended to use the SUZZII LIQUID ATTRACTANT .
  • With dry attractants, put 1 attractant pouch inside the cover, with an authorized insecticide in accordance with the current legislation, as a dichlorvos (DVVP) dispenser or treating the inside of the cover.
  • Place the traps in a medium height of the tree, in the east or south face, avoiding direct contact with the sun and distribute them uniformly through the parcel.
Attractant volume:
  • For monitoring: with the HEMITRAP®is recommended to use from 250 to 320 ml, which is the maximum quantity to count the captured flies pouring easily to another recipient without losing the liquid through the side tubes.


  • For the mass trapping: between 600-650 ml, which is the maximum volume allowed by the HEMTRAP® flycatcher without overflowing over the side tubes of the trap. 
Trap densities:
  • Depending on the pest you want to monitor and/or manage and the crop type.
  • As a general rule a density of 50-80 Traps/Ha is appropriate for the majority of the traps programs.
  • Check the Pest Sheet corresponding to the pest you want to manage.

  • THEPBD1068   HEMITRAP® fly catcher 6.5 mm Boxes of 50 units.
  • THEPBD1080   HEMITRAP® fly catcher 8mm     Boxes of 50 units.
Related documentation:

Download manufacturer's brochure (EN) 

These indications are a general guide, and aim to provide the user a starting point for the implementation of his monitoring and/or mass trapping programs. The conditions and local practices can develop the need of programs' personalization.


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