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Flight monitoring and mass trapping trap.

Suitable for flight monitoring and mass trapping, basically of lepidoptera, as Euzophera sp, Plutella sp, Gortyna sp, Heliothis sp, etc. To be used in fruit trees, horticultural crops and others. 

  • Funnel type trap. Composed by four pieces.
  1. Upper cover: prevents water ingress in the funnel and includes an attachment for the dispenser with the pheromone.
  2. Funnel: designed to facilitate the entrance of moths and prevent the exit.
  3. Container: collects the captured insects, includes an attachment for the dispenser with the pheromone.
  4. Dispenser with pheromone: basket attachable in the bottom of the cover or inside the container.
  • It can be hanged directly to the branches of the tree by a support on the cover.
  • It can be affix to the ground by supports of 60 or 90 cm, available in bamboo or PVC
  • It is provided with a green cover, yellow funnel and white container
  • Manufactured by PROBODELT S.L. Made in Spain.- Download manufacturer's brochure

Depending on the pest or crop type, use a hunger to place the trap on the tree or a support to affix it to the ground, it can be provided by several materials (PVC or bamboo) and heights. The trap must be placed slightly over the crop height.

Use with the specific pheromone of the pest to be controlled.

Traps densities:

Depending on the pest type to be monitored and/or controlled and the crop type. See the related Pest Sheet.


  • TFUPBD0062   Funnel trap for trees
  • TFUPBD0173   Funnel trap for the floor.
  • ACCPBD0117   Bamboo support for floor 60 cm.
  • ACCPBD0178   Bamboo support for floor 90 cm.
  • ACCPBD0179   Bamboo support for floor 150 cm.

Also available in PVC of 50 and 100 cm.


These indications are a general guide, and aim to provide the user a starting point for the implementation of his monitoring and/or mass trapping programs. The conditions and local practices can develop the need of programs' personalization.


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