Lema small

Drosophila suzukii



 Order: Diptera
 Family: Drosophilidae



  • It is a really polyphagous fly witch attacks a huge number of cultivated and wild fruits (strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry tree, etc.)
  • It comes from the Asian south-east and has widespread through the entire world causing damages in the affected crops.
  • The drosophilae act in over-ripened or in decay fruits, however D.suzukii also attacks green fruits and in good state.
  • The damages are caused by adult females by cutting the fruit skin for the eggs laying and by the larvae getting feed from the core, leaving the fruit unusable and exposed to fungus and bacteria that accelerate the decaying process. 
  • It can complete 13 generation per year. Mild temperatures (20ºC) and high humidity are the optimum conditions for its development.
  • The monitoring by traps with food attractants is a key to detect the insect presence, stablish the infestation level, its stage and evaluate the risk level.       
  • The use of devices with attractants to determinate the pest allows the phytosanitary treatments rationalization with insecticides, by decreasing its frequency and deciding the correct timing to carry out the application. The phytosanitary products must always be authorized in accordance with current legislation and be used in a rational way.

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