Lema small

Bactrocera (Dacus) oleae



 Order: Diptera
 Family: Tephritidae


  • It is the most economically important in olive crop and it is widespread through all olive production regions.
  • The damages are caused to the fruit in a direct way causing it its full or damaging it and in an indirect way it causes injuries by becoming these damages an entry point for pathogenic organisms.
  • This insect completes from 2 to 3 generations per year depending on the climatic conditions. Usually, the adults come out during the spring, but in coastal areas its presence can be detected the whole year.
  • The monitoring by traps with food attractants is a key to determinate the insect presence, determinate the population level, its stage and evaluate the risk level.  
  • The mass trapping allows the pest population management and keeping it under the tolerance level in an effective way. Only if the infestation levels are very high there must be carried out supported chemical treatments. The phytosanitary products must always be authorized in accordance with current legislation and must be used in a rational way.


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