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Autographa gamma


 Orden: Lepidóptero
 Familia: Noctuidae


  • It is a migratory and polyphagous plant; it can affect horticultural crops such as pepper, tomato, watermelon, bean, cucumber, alfalfa and potato.
  • They feed upon plant leaves and the main damages are due to the defoliation which is caused by the caterpillars, which are more serious as the different larval stages occur.
  • Its life cycle is about 50-70 days, being producible 2 or 3 generations per year between April and October.
  • The monitoring by using pheromones is a key to detect the first insects, supervising the population, determining the pest stage and valuating the risk level.
  • The pheromones’ use for the pest detection allows the phytosanitary treatments’ rationalization with insecticides, by decreasing its frequency and the correct timing election to carry out the application. The phytosanitary products must always be authorized in accordance with current legislation and must be used in a rational way.

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