Lema small

Spodoptera exigua



Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Noctuidae


  • It is a polyphagous pest and can affect some crops such as pepper, watermelon, melon and other ones such as tomato, strawberry and tobacco. It is a migratory species and presents several flights. It spends the winter in the peninsular south or north of Africa and tends to travel to the north when the summer comes.
  • They feed on the green part of the plants and the main damage symptoms are the leaves bites and the presence of perforated fruits. The larvae feed on the epidermis of the leaves only leaving the nerve.  
  • Its life cycle is really quick and has not got diapause, there can be completed between 3 and 6 generations per year.
  • The monitoring by pheromones is the key to detect the first symptoms and to supervise the population, determinate the pest stage and valuate the risk level.
  • The pheromones use to detect the pest allows the phytosanitary treatments rationalization with insecticides by decreasing the frequency and the correct timing decision for the application. The phytosanitary products to be used always must be authorized in accordance with current legislation and must be used in a rational way.  

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