Lema small

Cydia pomonella



  Order: Lepidóptero
  Family: Tortricidae



  • It is one of the main pests in stone fruits. 
  • It mainly affects apples, pears and quince. Other host species can be walnut, apricot, plum tree, peach and cherry.
  • The main damages are produced in the fruit, where the larva digs its galleries towards the centre of the fruit and comes out again.
  • The treatments must be orientated to adults' management and larvae before the beginning of the fruit penetration. 
  • Two complete generations develop by year and one incomplete which will complete its cycle the next season. 
  • The first adult generation is produced from the second half of April, and the second one emerges by the end of June and beginning of July.
  • The pest monitoring by pheromones is key in deciding the timing to carry out the phytosanitary treatments, always with authorized products in accordance with current legislation and in a rational way.
  • This pest management by sexual confusion techniques with pheromones is very effective.

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