A specific food grade attractant for the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) trapping.


Ceratitis capitata monitoring and mass trapping management in citrus, stone fruit, pome fruits and other crops sensitive to this pest.


The Ammonium Ceratitis Attractant is a synthetic food grade attractant, highly effective for the management of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis captitata. It can be used both in monitoring population programs (monitoring) as in pest control programs (mass trapping). The food attractants have the advantage that capture mainly female (60-70%), for this reason they are very capable to keep population levels of this insect pest under the tolerance level.

This attractant, thanks to its special dry format, is highly effective. It has a great persistence and constant diffusion which allows extending its useful lifetime in the field and keeping the capturing level until its fourth month of installation. This way, with a single diffuser you cover the whole season, which together with the dry format becomes an easy use and handling product and reduces the setting-up and maintenance traps costs in the field. Due to be a dry attractant requires its use together with an authorized insecticide in the trap device. 

The Ceratitis capitata mass trapping has demonstrated to be the most effective method for this pest management, and it is recommended in the integrated pest management (IPM) programs and in the ecological farming. 

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