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A specific liquid attractant used to capture the spotted-wing drosophila, Drosophila suzukii

  • Recommended for its use with the HEMITRAP® trap.
  • It mainly attracts females, so it is suitable for the population control by mass trapping.


Monitoring and control of Drosophilia suzukii populations in sensitive crops: strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherry, etc.



SUZZII ATTRACTANT LIQUID is a new food grade attractant, enriched in volatile compounds of the fruits host of this pest, so it has a high capacity of the Drosophilia suzukii attraction of a specific form.

It suffers less degradation in the field than others liquid attractants used for Drosophilia suzukii. Currently its persistence in the field it's being evaluated, being expected to be more than 60 days (used with the HEMITRAP® FLY CATCHER).

The dipterous mass trapping has demonstrated to be an ecological and effective method to reduce populations and its control, and it is a recommended tool both in the integrated pest management (IPM) and in ecological farming. Currently we are making several studies in order to quantify the Drosophilia suzukii mass trapping efficacy as an effective control method of this pest.

Trap density:
  • For monitoring: put 2-4 traps/ha distributed in a strategic way around the parcel for supervising.
  • For mass trapping: in homogenous crops, with densities of medium population and relatively large continuous areas (some hectares), it is recommended to put about 100 traps/ha. In other conditions the required density could be bigger.
Attractant volume:

The volume of liquid to be used will depend on the type of the trap and objective. Recommendations for HEMITRAP® flycatcher:

  • For monitoring: use from 250 to 320 ml, which is the maximum quantity to count the captured flies pouring easily to another recipient without losing the liquid through the side tubes.
  • For mass trapping: between 600-650 ml, which is the maximum volume allowed without overflowing over the side tubes of the trap.
  • Set up the trap following the manufacturer's instructions
  • Fill the trap directly with the SUZZII LIQUID ATTRACTANT until the maximum level recommended for monitoring or the maximum level that allows you the mass trapping trap type.  
  • Put the traps in a medium height of the tree (1,40-1,80m), on the east or south face, a bit in the interior of the tree avoiding direct contact with the 
  • The monitoring program must be active during the whole year due to the pest behaviour and its capacity to survive during the winter in some shelter plants.
  • The beginning of the monitoring or the mass trapping will depend of the crop type. The mass trapping will depend on the crop type, it must be activated when the captured numbers in monitoring is elevated and, always, at least 15 days before.
  • For monitoring, it is recommended to count the captured flies at least once a week. This requires filtering the attractant with a strainer, pouring the liquid back to the trap, refilling the evaporated volume and proceeding to the re-counting of the separated Drosophila suzukii.
  • For mass trapping it is recommended to put the traps 30 days before the start of the fruit's ripening. Supervise the traps regularly to control the liquid evaporation, and refill it to keep the level. Though the persistence of the attractant in the inside of the trap depends on the meteorological conditions of the crop, it is recommended to refill the traps in the moment that any unit it is about to dry.
  • It is advisable to make a monitoring of the captures, to establish the critical points and take the appropriate correcting sizes.
  • The traps with the attractant should be maintained during the whole growing until finalizing the fruit harvesting. 
Additional recommendations:
  • If during the season really high captures are detected in particular areas, it is recommended to strengthen the mass trapping with some additional traps in these areas. 
  • If there are high levels of infestation, some supplementary phytosanitary treatments can be done with authorized products in accordance with current legislation and in a rational way.
  • It is advisable to remove the residue of the crops, especially the fallen fruit, as it may contain larvae that can generate infections and, also, they are main attraction points and for adult feeding.

Product presentation:
  • Ref: DRSU0001SLB5  Jerrycan 5 L / Boxes 4 Units.
  • Ref: DRSU0001SL25  Jerrycan 25 L

 (Other presentations available on request)

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