The pheromones are chemical signals secreted outside by the living being, that constitute the main mean of communication in the arthropod, especially in the insects.

They can be detected over long distances, causing in the being who receives it a change in its physiology, biology or behaviour. There are different types of pheromones for different behaviour functions: sexual attraction, aggregation, alarm, dispersion, defence, etc. 

During the past years, the use of pheromones has proved being highly effective for the monitoring and management of certain insect populations, in addition it has advantages of its safety for humans, wildlife and ecosystems compared to any other type of insecticides, as it has a high specificity and residue elimination.
The use of some of these pheromones, especially sexual, in the pests monitoring, becomes in nowadays an effective method for insects monitoring and for the direct population management by mass capture using traps or sexual confusion.
It is for this reason that Ao Midori Biocontrol has been involved in the production of some of these products, considering that a high quality of the active ingredients of synthesis according to its specificities are essential for the correct performance of the desired function.





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